Meet the team

Portrait of Elaine Blount

Elaine Blount

Founder Member

I have been a member of Treats for over 35 years, and am so proud of what Treats has achieved since starting the charity all those years ago. We were a small group of Derbyshire Mums wanting to give something back to our community, specifically children, and this remains the aim of Treats to this day.

Derby is home to my husband John and I, and we have recently celebrated our 55th Wedding Anniversary. We have 3 children, 9 grandchildren and a great grandchild joining the family in 2022. Derby has been very good to our family over the years and it is a privilege to be able to give back to children who just need a little happiness in their lives.

Portrait of Vicky Ashton

Vicky Ashton


I was delighted to join my Mum (Elaine Blount) as a committee member of Treats over 25 years ago. Treats is and has always been an honour and a pleasure to be a part of. It gives me so much pride on how many children we have helped over the years. My husband and I have raised our family in Derby. Our three children were toddlers when I joined Treats, and all are now adults - how the time has flown by!

As a family we are all very privileged to help in any way we can those less fortunate than ourselves.

Portrait of Joanne Taylor

Joanne Taylor

I can hardly believe it's been over 25 years since I joined Treats.

I am very very proud of the Charity, what it has achieved over the years, and how it has evolved with the times. The great generosity and kindness of Derby people has helped make our jobs easier, and enabled us to give so many wonderful treats to children in the Derbyshire area.

I am Derby born and bred and have been married to my husband Stephen for over 30 years. We have three wonderful children who have gone on with their lives and met wonderful partners themselves. We also have three amazing grandchildren.

I am still so passionate about the charity and the work we do. May it continue for many more years

Portrait of Candy Sutton

Candy Sutton

Hi, my name is Candy, (which is short for Catherine!)

I have been on the Treats committee for over 24 years, serving as Treasurer for over ten years. I work in Derby and have lived here all my life. I am passionate about bringing joy and treats to underprivileged and deserving children in the Derbyshire area.

At home, I love spending time with my family and friends, my gorgeous Labrador Harvey, and my ducks, chickens and garden!

Portrait of Julie Ellis-Walford

Julie Ellis-Walford

Derby born and bred, I have been part of the Treats Committee for over 25 years, and I’ve loved every minute of it! The shared passion and enthusiasm of the Treats team brings us together as life long friends, with a shared pride in the support we deliver to the children of Derbyshire.

In my spare time I love walking, entertaining, gardening, and cooking (not baking though, I’m really not very good at that!)

Portrait of Tracey Coupland-Smith

Tracey Coupland-Smith

I joined Treats in January 2013, and love how the group get along and all get stuck in when there’s a job to be done.

The annual Christmas Treats programme in particular is very close to my heart. It's hard work, incredibly humbling, but such a great feeling when we're dropping the children’s presents off to schools ready for Santa.

Me and my husband Anthony, moved from Ilkeston to Derby when our three children were young. Our children are adults now but we have a new ‘toddler’ running around our home - our cocker spaniel Teddie! He keeps us on our toes and is a much loved addition to our family.

Portrait of Kate Theaker

Kate Theaker

I met the Treats Committee and found out more about their great work and results over 10 years ago, and have been a member ever since.

I love spending time with the Treats team organising our fundraising, and feel so proud of what we do to help make some of Derbyshire childrens’ lives a little better.

When I’m not working at our Derby based family business, I love spending my time with my family - especially my four gorgeous grandchildren.

Cooking and in particular baking and making celebration cakes is also something I love to do.

Portrait of Tracy Isaac

Tracy Isaac

A positive thing that happened for me amidst a world pandemic in 2021 was joining Treats. Treats really do make a difference. I am a Derby lass through and through, and I feel honoured to be part of a team so committed to supporting the needs of underprivileged children in Derbyshire.

Home for me and husband Mike is in South Derbyshire, with our dogs Chip and Cookie. Our daughters both moved into their first homes in 2021 and both are close by (Sunday dinner at Mum’s a permanent fixture!),

Portrait of Teddie


My name is Teddie and my role is to look cute and distract the Treats Committee during their meetings, which I am very good at!
"Your hard work and generosity, makes a massive difference to our families. The gifts were received with such excitement and gratitude!""
"We have broken up now and as I sit reflecting on a difficult last year, I just want to say, to the donors, sponsors, volunteers and organisers at Treats...Thank you, thank you!"
"The joy on the children's faces when they receive the 'treats' from Treats Children's Charity is so difficult to put into words."